SHE Lives Hope

By Dr. Lawanda Mobbs

The awakening moment.  The moment she realized nothing else mattered. The moment her eyes opened to the impossibilities of life.  Even in the adversities of her darkest days, she knew hope was living somewhere inside of her.  A beaming beautiful light radiating with energy to last a lifetime.  She could feel the push. The strength.  The inner anguish. And the sense of urgency from within her soul.  When trouble arrived at a moment of despair, she continued to raise to her higher self.  At times, she wanted to throw in the towel and walk away but something always gave her enough strength to keep going. Putting one foot before the other and staying focus on the great things ahead.  

SHE Lives Hope.

As we contemplate those moments in our life when we come to a crossroad, we find this little awakening in our soul called, “hope.”

What is hope? Could it be the glimpse of light that peaks in through the shaded window at sunrise? Or is it a small voice inside our heads that tells us to never give up. 

Hope has no direction.  It has no detail description of where it comes from.  You can’t hear it.  You can’t see it.  You just have to know it is there.  It is the source of deep healing.  Hope is the essence of what we believe by faith.   Life is not easy. Sometimes life can become so overwhelming where you feel like running far away from everything.  But taking the easy way out should never be the result as a woman of “hope.” There are two paths in life.  One path leads to a dead end and the other path leads to the unknown destination of miracles.  The place where hope lives.  The place where there are many doors.  Many windows. Many opportunities. And many blessings. It is the place where dreams come true and where manifestation is birthed. But everyone can ‘t find that place.  Not everyone can find hope.

SHE Lives Hope.

Her footprints became her guide. Everywhere she walked she left an impression. Her smile brightens the entire universe.  She always left a sweet fragrance and a piece of her wherever she went.   No one knew her by name, but they always knew she was there.  Her voice was peaceful. Her deeds were kind.  Her heart was compassionate.  She brought a calmness to any situation.   She never stopped moving forward.  Even in the darkest times, she always kept moving in an upward direction.  She remained focus.   She remained driven.  She kept her eyes on the prize.  She was mocked and battered. Ridiculed and rejected. But she never lost hope in a better tomorrow.

She lived in the now of life.  She never became anxious about the unknown future. She knew who held her future.  She never regretted the mistakes of the past. She knew hope was omnipotent. Hope lives forever.  It is eternal. It is faith.  It is love. It is forgiveness. It is beautiful to the human eye and it understands every aspect of life. It is not prejudice or judgmental. Hope does not hold account for any wrong.  It answers when called and brings a supernatural strength of wisdom, knowledge and power to conquer anything the world could bring. Hope is me.  And I am hope.

SHE Lives Hope. 


Dr. Lawanda Mobbs is the National Published Author of the Amazon seller “Differently Beautiful.” She helps people everyday find their healing in life through becoming set free and living each day with joy and mindful healing. She is the Women’s Pastor of Victory of Praise Church and Nonprofit Literacy Entrepreneur for children with Autism. She resides in Texas with her husband and two daughters.