• Study Reveals the Disturbing Truth About Chemical Abortions

    Chemical abortions are marketed as an easy, convenient way to have an abortion. But a recent study highlights the devastating effects they can have on women.  For a chemical abortion, which occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman is prescribed pills to induce an abortion. Although the U.S. abortion rate is declining, the share of those that are chemical abortions continues to rise.  In “#AbortionChangesYou : A Case […]

  • She Took an Abortion Pill, But Then Regretted It. Here’s How She Saved Her Son.

    Rebekah Hagan was desperate to get an abortion. At 18 years old, Rebekah was pregnant with her second child. She was recently separated from her children’s father—who was physically and verbally abusive—and living with her parents. She didn’t know what else to do. Rebekah had the first several weeks of pregnancy to get a chemical […]

  • For Christian women contemplating abortion, this may change your mind

    As abortion is affecting more and more women around the world, the story that is never told is the after effects. We hear so much about women’s rights and why women have the right to do with their bodies what they want, but there is a sinister side to abortion that rarely gets told. Sharon […]

  • American Medical Association ‘Hiding Facts About Abortion from Women’

    Tina was 35 when she found out she was pregnant. She was working full-time and happily married, but she feared how her employer would respond to the news. So, she decided to get an abortion. But as soon as she started the chemical abortion process, she was filled with regret. She wanted another option, another […]

  • As ‘Unpregnant’ Encourages Abortions for Minors, petition is launched

    A new show on HBO has been criticized by a Christian group, who has launched a petition to see it removed.   HBO Max has released an abortion comedy titled ‘Unpregnant’, which started streaming September 10. The show is centered one teenager’s pursuit of an abortion without parental consent into a fun cross-country road trip. […]

  • ‘True Bravery’ as Pregnancy Center Stands Up to Planned Parenthood

    In today’s turbulent political climate, speaking the truth is often an act of bravery. Lately it seems like many who are willing to speak up are met with malice, anger, and even threats. To make a stand for what’s right during this time is noble, but it is also increasingly rare. Standing up to a […]

  • How a bar of soap can rescue a baby

    For many pregnant women in crisis situations, abortion seems like it is the only route. Having kids is expensive and sadly, most people pregnant women talk to, including those in the medical profession, encourage them to have an abortion. This advice increases substantially if she is homeless, using illegal substances, or is a victim of […]