• For not shooting same-sex weddings, Christian photographer faces 100k fine, potential jail

    New York Christian photographer and blogger Emilee Carpenter is facing a fine of up to $100,000 and potentially a year in jail if she refuses to create photos and blogs for same-sex weddings. Carpenter could also have her business license revoked. This week, a federal district court dismissed her case after she stated she should […]

  • A Big Win: Wedding Officiant Won’t Be Forced to Perform Ceremonies Against Beliefs

    It’s common for ministers and religious leaders to carefully consider which services they perform.  That’s no different for Kristi Stokes, who owns and operates Covenant Weddings. Through her business, Kristi officiates wedding ceremonies and writes custom vows, prayers, and homilies for those celebrations. And she seeks to do that consistently with her faith.  As she […]

  • How This Adoption Provider Helped Find a Loving Home for One Special Child with Special Needs

    Heather and Rick knew that adoption can be a difficult and emotional process. In addition to their three biological children, the couple had adopted three other children from Korea. But when their adoption provider contacted them about adopting a newborn baby with extensive medical needs, Heather and Rick had no idea what to expect. The […]

  • After Years in Court, the Larsens Can Now Tell Wedding Stories

    Carl and Angel Larsen’s love of marriage stories began with their own. The couple met in high school. Angel remembers going to the hospital to visit a science teacher who was battling cancer. Carl’s mother was also in the hospital recovering from the removal of a non-malignant brain tumor. When Angel saw the remarkably loving […]