• “China Is the World’s Worst Torturer of Women”. Here is the Evidence

    Alexandra Cavelius talks with Bitter Winter about the shocking new book she co-wrote with Xinjiang camps survivor Sayragul Sauytbay. A journalist and a human rights activist, Alexandra Cavelius became internationally well-known with her book “The Chief Witness,” where she gave voice to transformation through education camps survivor from Xinjiang (that she calls East Turkestan, as […]

  • Christians in Wuhan ask for prayer as city in lockdown over coronavirus

    Barnabas Fund has received request for prayer from a Christian living in Wuhan, the Chinese city of eleven million quarantined following the coronavirus outbreak. He describes how all the churches have become “virtual”, their ministries now run on the internet, because no one is able to visit and worship in person. People are only allowed […]

  • These Christians are persecuted, while we don’t make it to church

    I read this article with interest today. As I read it, I felt so proud of my brothers and sisters in Christ in China, but so ashamed of how I and many other western Christians live. For us, going to church now seems to be optional. It seems to depend on the mood we are […]