• Slave Labor in Chinese Jails: Christian Women Prisoners of Conscience Speak

    Uyghurs and other Turkic inmates submitted to slave labor in Xinjiang are very much in the news, and rightly so. However, slave labor is a grim reality for all prisoners of conscience, in all Chinese provinces. Three female members of The Church of Almighty God (CAG), a banned Christian new religious movement, found the courage […]

  • The Chinese Church Members Subjected to Sound Torture

    Sound torture is a form of psychological warfare used to break people’s will using loud music or other noises. Law enforcement authorities in China often employ this method on people of faith because it doesn’t leave visible injuries but damages them mentally. Prolonged sound torture may produce devastating psychological and even physical effects. Subjected to […]

  • As communist party takes over the running of churches, Christians ask ‘Where is the democracy?’

    “Where is democracy?” a Christian in China asked after two communist party-approved candidates were foisted on their church committee, amid growing evidence that the state is taking administrative control of churches. The votes of Chinese Christians in elections for church committee members have been repeatedly ignored by communist party officials as they take control away […]