• UK’s largest Christian toy retailer putting faith to the test during COVID

    While businesses across the globe are suffering a serious decline in sales, one Christian-owned business is doing its best to protect its staff during the pandemic crisis. The Entertainer is Britain’s largest independent toy retailer, which operates more than 170 stores. Its owners are strong Christians, with their faith getting them by in one what […]

  • The Entrepreneurial Mom Revolution

    The workplace is changing so rapidly that it’s difficult to keep up with it. Fewer jobs. Jobs going offshore. Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over and so much more. But there is a plus to this changing landscape and that is the number of women choosing to start businesses from their homes. Suddenly the work life […]

  • Why slow and steady still wins the race

    We are living in the microwave age. We all want what we want when we want it… which is right now! Why wait when you can have it today? Uber Eats to your door, finance approved online within 10 minutes, credit card companies mailing you with an immediate credit increase if you just sign a […]

  • When your work is more than a job

    Writers often look at life’s experiences differently from most people because they always have an eye out for a story idea. As a writer, when I was sitting in an airport due to a delay, I was not looking at it just as an annoyance or a frustration. In my mind, I was thinking about […]