• From single to dating: The 3 things I discovered

    The word “dating” has become one of the most ambiguous terms of our generation, perhaps even more so in the Christian world. Does “dating” mean the casual getting to know someone on dates before becoming official, or does “dating” commence once we commit to the relationship? I was more caught up on defining what dating […]

  • Choice Words: Why Choice Matters When it Comes to Love

    I heard something last month (the month that in the last five years has undergone a cultural name change from June to Pride) that shook me deeply because it was fundamentally and experientially incorrect. Someone said: “You don’t choose who you love.” My mind and heart in that instant both rose in defiance of this […]

  • Confessions of a single mom who found hope, healing and happiness

    When I was 18 I met a boy, he consumed me. He was the one all the girls wanted and I felt so lucky to have been the chosen by him. There were so many red flags but I naively pursued this relationship further and further in the fear that if I didn’t, I would […]