• Praying for our Brothers and Sisters During Covid

    I’m reading and listening attentively at the moment to the discussion about when the COVID 19 vaccination will commence its rollout in Australia. Especially as the European Union (EU) as one of our suppliers is muttering about limits and tariffs in delivering promised doses of the vaccines. It’s a fascinating conversation, and one through which […]

  • COVID Has Killed Hundreds of Thousands. Abortion Has Killed Tens of Millions

    According to the respected Worldometer website, COVID-19 deaths in 2020 reached 1.8 million, a truly tragic and devastating number. There is no denying that we have experienced a real pandemic, and many of us have lost friends and loved ones to this virus in the last 12 months. Yet, for every person who died of […]

  • The importance of praise through your pain

    Think back to a time when you experienced an overwhelming amount of heaviness in your thoughts, emotions and faith.  You sat there looking at the reality of your situation knowing that your faith in Christ had something different to say, but you couldn’t help feeling hopeless. You walk into work, social events or home with […]

  • God Takes Care of Our Dreams

    I remember the night I failed my first college test. It was in a Microeconomics class. I was so discouraged because I was sure that I wanted to major in Business. It had been my dream to have a business someday, and I knew I had to be a Business major in order to help […]

  • The puzzle of life

    Life is a puzzle. Unless you have all the pieces it can be hard to find the right fit. Life can even be a little frustrating and challenging at times. There is always a missing piece.  Depending on the individual, each missing piece can be infinite and sometimes extremely difficult to fit in place.  My life […]

  • What happens when you refuse to wait…

    Are you impatient? Ready to take action? Unwilling to wait? Do you know what happens when you refuse to wait on God and His timing? I want to move, act, and take control…and God is telling me to slow down, wait, and let go. Have you been in this place before? Are you there right […]