• Pastor’s wives: 4 Essential Tools for Navigating Discouragement with Your Husband

    It comes in a text message or a phone call. It comes in the middle of the day or it can awaken you in the middle of sleep. It comes loud like a loud and jarring freight train but it can also come as the most deafening silence. “It” is that all-too-familiar feeling of discouragement, […]

  • Saddleback megachurch expelled by Southern Baptist Convention over female pastor

    The Southern Baptist Convention has expelled the Saddleback megachurch for appointing a woman as a teaching pastor. According to Baptist Press, the SBC Executive Committee, which acts on behalf of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination in-between the convention’s annual meetings, made the ouster official during its winter meeting Feb. 21 in Nashville.  The Executive Committee […]

  • What Your Pastor’s Wife Wish You Knew

    October is Pastor’s Appreciation Month, and as we celebrate the shepherds that God has blessed us with, we also have the opportunity to celebrate and encourage the woman who serves alongside him. We all have different roles and titles that we are known for. Some of us are CEOs, some stay at home moms, some […]

  • Rebellious pastor’s kids: Church leaders really do need our prayers

    Most Christians at least should know what my title refers to. PKs (Pastor’s Kids) and MKs (Missionary Kids) can be a special breed, given the high profile nature of their parents. When you have parents who are routinely in the spotlight as they serve the Lord in various ways, life can be interesting. Among other […]

  • What Did the Early Church Have to Say About Abortion?

    While the pro-life position is widely associated with Bible-believing Christians, there are actually professing Christians who identify as pro-choice. In fact, one of my pro-life colleagues was speaking at a church in Michigan when, to his shock, he learned that the pastor had recently taken up an offering to help one of the young ladies […]

  • The Five Sure Signs of a Dying Church

    Church is boring for most because the power of God has vanished from many congregations…there is a lack of desire to pursue Him in the pulpit as well as in the pew. Like Samson, they “know not that the Spirit of the Lord has departed” (cf. Judge 16:20). High attendance is not the gauge of […]

  • How Pastors Can Celebrate The Women In Their Church

    On any given Sunday, I see women all across the globe serving, ministering, and using their gifts to further the Kingdom and love Jesus’s bride well. From serving in the nursery, to teaching small groups, to opening the door with a smile, to leading in song, women have been and always will be a vital […]

  • How would outsiders view the inside of your church?

    It’s pretty easy for us to think about what we think about when we think about the weekend experience at our churches. (Feel free to re-read that sentence. I won’t be offended.) After all, they’re our experiences. We gather together on a regular basis. We catch up with our long-time friends. We walk through the […]

  • The Model for “Church” is Changing. How Are We Responding?

    Thanks to the incredible team at Alpha Australia, over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to teach about communication and media to nearly 200 pastors and church leaders in that country. During two sessions, one of the most interesting conversations we had is how pastors and leaders are exploring new models for […]

  • 10 Safeguards for Church Nurseries and Children’s Ministry

    Tragic sexual abuse stories appear daily in the news. Although sexual abuse has existed for centuries, the media and the #metoo and #churchtoo movements have thankfully exposed it. The darkness of abuse needed to be brought into the light. Sexual abuse is prevalent, and that doesn’t simply dissipate because someone attends church. Sexual abuse survivors […]