• Stop the Blame Game – Please!

    I don’t usually get involved in making political – and public – comments about governments and the current state of play, but two events in the last two days across our two most populous states in Australia (Vic and NSW), have catapulted me into offering this plea. The first was a Facebook comment (c.21st June) […]

  • Little British girl sings to help vulnerable children in lockdown

    Eleven-year-old Lydia is a member of Aylesbury’s British Theatre Academy group and had been rehearsing hard for a local performance of West End hit Oliver!, when the coronavirus lockdown started and the performance was cancelled.  “I was quite upset,” Lydia explains. “I love going on stage with my friends and dancing. When I was little, […]

  • Is COVID-19 really the end times?

    Online posts about the current crisis being a forerunner to the Mark of the Beast are rampant. In fact, you could say they’re going viral! In general, they go something like this: Lockdowns around the world will be lifted but only for those immune to the coronavirus. You will have to be tested to see […]

  • Mom Who Delivered Baby While In Coronavirus Coma Thanks God

    A woman is thanking God after she gave birth to her baby while in an induced coma. Angela Primachenko has told of her experience with coronavirus after she gave birth to her baby girl, Ava, while in a medically-induced coma. Primachenko lives in Washington, a state that has gotten a lot of attention as the […]

  • Easter Drive-in Church Services Banned But Abortion Clinics are Open

    The mayor of Louisville, Kentucky says churches will not be allowed to hold drive-in services on Easter Sunday. Mayor Greg Fischer, a Democrat, said he made his decision with a “heavy heart.” “Our job is to deny the virus,” the mayor told television station WDRB. “If we don’t do that, more lives will be lost. […]

  • COVID-19 Days: An Exodus of the Heart

    It’s an undeniable human tendency to get caught up in one’s current reality, a tendency as old as time.  We easily forget the joys and victories, the struggles and lessons we’ve had in the past, focusing instead on our current circumstances and allowing our limited vision to color the way we see the future.  This […]

  • Now is the time to fill-up on the Word of God

    “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart”—Hebrews 4:12 (NIV). Depending on what time of day you go to the grocery or big box store, you’ll find many shelves […]

  • Getting Around the Coronavirus Quarantine: Man Sings to Wife through Nursing Home Window

    One of the horrific consequences of the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent quarantine procedures is that nursing homes will no longer allow patients to have visitors. Loved ones can’t encourage, pray for, or talk to their loved ones except on the phone – if the patients can answer the phone. My wife and I can’t visit […]

  • Kids doing school from home? Here’s why you don’t need to worry about their grades

    Right across the world, parents are working from home. And so are their children. The world is full of moms – and dads – trying to manage their work and their children, as well as potentially managing the downturn financially in their lives. All the while we feel the pressure to ensure our kids do […]

  • Canon J John: ‘Finding Comfort in the Craziness of Covidia’

    I imagine I’m not alone in feeling that I have been mysteriously pushed through the doors of some magical wardrobe and now, in a state of severe bewilderment, find myself gazing around a strange, unwelcoming landscape. It is definitely not C.S. Lewis’s Narnia; this hostile desert – which I take the opportunity of naming Covidia […]