• The lessons learned 25 years after my Dad died

    25 years ago today, my Dad died. It was sudden. It was tragic and it would set my family on a journey that I could never imagine. The older I get, the less I want to share about him. Every memory, every conversation is so precious to me. But, I feel the best way to […]

  • What happens to those left behind when a family member passes away?

    Some time ago, my son and his family had just arrived for a family get-together at his wife’s parent’s place. No sooner than had our daughter-in-law’s brother, his wife and family arrived, then that family was immediately informed of the terrible news of the sister-in-law’s sister having taken her own life.  Thankfully, she had been […]

  • When death puts life’s problems in perspective

    On Saturday morning, l was driving along in the car with my family when we saw some ambulances and a number of people on the road up ahead. We slowed down, as someone was directing the traffic. As we drove past the scene, we were confronted by the site of ambulance officers frenetically performing CPR […]