• We’re in different boats but the same storm

    We’re not all actually in the same boat – but we are in the same storm. For some, the last few months have been tumultuous and terrifying. They’ve lost loved ones (even multiple), faced financial hardship and experienced pain from every angle. Others have been fighting to save lives on the frontlines, led countries and […]

  • When Your Heart is Breaking and Love is the Only Way Through

    It’s Saturday morning and I am struggling to tear myself away from the news. My heart is breaking and my head wants answers. There are weeks when the war against good and evil, pervades our natural world in ways we never thought possible. When evil breaks out on our streets and stabs wildly at our […]

  • Beautiful feet… walking in faith

    Genevieve Cooper of Gumeracha, SA, discovered most unexpectedly that Jesus had a job for her to do… How do you hear the voice of God? For most of my life I have been like Elijah standing on the mountain waiting for the presence of the Lord and hearing his voice in a gentle whisper (1Ki […]

  • Eyes wide open… looking beyond the surface

    Do you have a list? You know ‘the list’ which goes to sleep with you at night describing all the qualities God will provide in the man you’ve been waiting for. I love lists. We all need to put down ideas and get a feel for what we need and what would complement our lifestyles. […]

  • Dear Mrs. Hall and Mrs.Woolsey… from one of ‘those girls’

    The last few days have been all abuzz with a post from Mrs. Hall, a concerned mother upset about what her young teen boys were viewing on social media. Her approach is zero tolerance and censorship of any half-dressed girls. Good for you. Your house, your children, your rules. Then another mother, Mrs. Woolsey chimes in with a […]

  • Look what the TIDE brought in… my life in OZ has come full circle

    2010 – we’ve finally moved out of the hotel and into a rental house. Our shipment has yet to arrive from America so we are still on rented furniture. I’m very very sad because I miss home and my family so very much. I feel distant from Jesus and I have zero friends. Everyday Lance […]

  • Who do you say I am?

    “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Matthew 16:15-16 NIV This scripture really causes me to think.  Who do I say that Jesus is when people ask me?  Do I quickly respond that He is the Messiah?  […]

  • What are you afraid of?

    During the past few months of my life I have been learning to fully rely on God for everything.  This has definitely not been an easy thing to do and the spiritual battles that come with this type of trust are the worst I have ever experienced.  I realized that I held dreams within my […]

  • Purpose driven life…

    In the Christian walk it is easy to be driven. We strive for improvement in our behaviour, language, parenting skills and our patience at home and in the workplace. We sign up for leadership and community service to love others as Jesus instructed. Much of our drive was learned before we found Christ and so […]