• Praying for our Brothers and Sisters During Covid

    I’m reading and listening attentively at the moment to the discussion about when the COVID 19 vaccination will commence its rollout in Australia. Especially as the European Union (EU) as one of our suppliers is muttering about limits and tariffs in delivering promised doses of the vaccines. It’s a fascinating conversation, and one through which […]

  • Learning to live again…

    Well, here we are in Melbourne, Australia, after 112+ days of living through Stages 3 and 4 lockdown and as restrictions are gradually lifting, we can now emerge and begin to live again. Sounds rather dramatic, does it not? Quite possibly, for what we all need to realize is that we have not lived through […]

  • It’s time to reflect on another Father’s Day

    2020 marks a centenary for me. It is 100 years since my father’s birth. Such a milestone reminds me that it is also a long time (27 years) since his passing. So, in the run-up to Father’s Day, I’ve thought a lot about fathers and fatherhood and more importantly, of the enormous need for good, […]

  • A wedding in isolation

    While not for one moment disparaging an ongoing need for personal care in social and physical isolating, I will confess to having just enjoyed the best weekend ever! Our family has a tradition of going away together every year on the Queen’s Birthday weekend. And despite our venue having been booked some time ago (and […]

  • Living in isolation: is this really like living through a time of war?

    As our days of living in isolation have stretched into weeks and months, three events have occurred, prompting me to think about if and/or how our current situation may be analogous to living through a time of war. And, and how we will remember this time in the future? But for today, how can we […]

  • A Mother’s Day Reflection

    Mother’s Day 2020 will be remarkable for me in more ways than living in isolation and not being able to celebrate this year with my family. This is the first year in my life in which my mother is no longer with us. She passed away late last year just fifteen (15) days before her […]

  • May you be richly blessed in ‘iso.’

    In case you haven’t guessed yet, in our strange new world, ‘iso’ simply means ‘isolation!’ For us, in isolation at home, how do we entertain our (now) big, boisterous and lovable adolescent chocolate Lab x Pointer dog who is so sociable that he wants to get out, greet, play with and lick to bits every […]

  • Poppy Love and the Importance of Being Cleansed

    Our chocolate Lab cross Pointer puppy has grown into a big boy dog! At thirteen months, I guess he is no longer a puppy except that dog lovers and Lab owners are never backward in coming forward to tell us how long Labrador puppyhoods last. Their quotes vary from eighteen months to eight years! Well, […]