• What happens to those left behind when a family member passes away?

    Some time ago, my son and his family had just arrived for a family get-together at his wife’s parent’s place. No sooner than had our daughter-in-law’s brother, his wife and family arrived, then that family was immediately informed of the terrible news of the sister-in-law’s sister having taken her own life.  Thankfully, she had been […]

  • Comfort in the midst of S.I.D.S tragedy

    Motherhood, I’m afraid, did not come naturally to me. The initial weeks with my first newborn were the most harrowing I had experienced. So two years later when my second baby was due I had very low expectations. How pleasant it was to find that things fell into place after our second child, Josiah was […]

  • Acquainted with grief…

    Two items of clothing symbolize two significant moments of my last pregnancy. I wore the first one, a cranberry red dress, to my father in law’s 70th birthday celebration. At that dinner, surrounded by family and friends, he made a happy declaration. “Next year we will have twelve people seated at this table!” A friend […]