• When God Seems Absent

    Have you ever felt that God has gone AWOL on you? I have, many times, and invariably it has been during the darker times of life. I had always felt very blessed by God’s presence. From the moment I surrendered to Jesus at the age of 21, I was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. But […]

  • Lean in, and stick close to God

    Those words in my spirit gave me pause one morning as I was pouring out my frustrations to the Lord about the confusing days in which we live.  As I pondered the phrase, a picture formed in my mind of a child leaning in to her father.  Instead of fretting or striving, God wants us […]

  • Beautiful feet, walking in faith

    Genevieve Cooper of Gumeracha, SA, discovered most unexpectedly that Jesus had a job for her to do… How do you hear the voice of God? For most of my life I have been like Elijah standing on the mountain waiting for the presence of the Lord and hearing his voice in a gentle whisper (1Ki […]

  • Have you cleaned out your storage lately?

    I was speaking to my mother this morning, and she was just busy telling me how she was almost finished cleaning out her storage, and how she had been putting it off for months. The task, in her mind, had become so daunting that she was simply thinking about getting a new storage instead of dealing with the old […]

  • Fear blocks the Good news…

    But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.” Luke 2:10 Recently a friend reminded me of a fact within the scriptures.   Whenever God spoke or sent an angel to speak for Him, the first words spoken were “Fear […]

  • I am broken

    I am broken. Speaking these words out loud leaves cuts along my tongue, each syllable a jagged shard of the secret I have always kept hidden in the quiet spaces of my soul. If you’re anything like me, the parts of you that hurt and ache are the parts you are least willing to put […]

  • How to make a decision in the will of God

    When God first spoke to me about furthering my study back in 1999, it was spectacularly clear. I was halfway through a Bachelor of Ministry when he told me to switch to a Masters – a noble idea, but one that would cost an additional $4400 in the first year. “But I can’t afford it!” […]

  • The garment of patience

    I’m a summer girl. I like dresses, I like bikinis, I like skirts, shorts and little tops. I like the feeling of freedom that comes with summer holidays and the shorts and bikini which become my daily uniform. I was the same as a little girl. I hated wearing heavy jumpers. I wanted the light […]

  • How to stop wanting to be her

    Almost from birth, I think little girls are prone to competing and comparing with one another; they battle to be the prettiest, the smartest, the sweetest, the fastest. Not much changes over time. Women still feel the need to constantly look sideways and compare themselves to the girl-next-door. This time it’s bodies, babies, husbands & […]

  • God, are you even listening?

    I hit my fist on the desk and shook my head in despair. Why God? You know I have deadlines, a speaking engagement to prepare for, and on top of that I’ve exhausted all my resources and I am running out of time. I looked up to the ceiling in my office as if God was standing […]