• SHE Lives Hope

    The awakening moment.  The moment she realized nothing else mattered. The moment her eyes opened to the impossibilities of life.  Even in the adversities of her darkest days, she knew hope was living somewhere inside of her.  A beaming beautiful light radiating with energy to last a lifetime.  She could feel the push. The strength.  […]

  • What is your first response?

    Recently I had a bit of a scare with our 9-month-old daughter. While she was playing on the floor at my feet unbeknown to me she had picked up an apple sticker and put it in her mouth. I then heard her gasping for air, I quickly picked her up and stuck my finger down […]

  • A Prison Called Hope

    There are some prisons we need to check in to in order to be free. When tough times hit, we want to run.  And even when we stand still, our emotions are running.  Running down roads with dead ends, running to ghost towns with no life, running to prisons that imprison rather than free. And […]