• If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

    “Although that fleece isn’t flattering, I bet it’s really warm.” ~Super Husband Yes, my super husband, my perfect gift from God, said that to me. About a fleece I was wearing. In the car. On our way to work together. Past the point of possibly changing my clothes. Did it hurt my feelings? Yes. Did […]

  • Emotional abuse: The invisible train wreck

    In hindsight, I never felt my relationship with my husband of twenty-two years was abusive. One would certainly think it would be so easily detected; so easily felt. I would have never believed it could have been part of my life. The abuse had crept into my life effortlessly and I subconsciously learned to survive […]

  • Confessions of a Female Pharisee

    How I overcame prejudices to love unconditionally Years ago when I was ‘perfect’, I would listen to women’s struggles and prayer requests, tilt my head and judge them to hell and back. Abortions, sexual sins, wayward children . . . Clearly they were not walking a true Christian walk. Right? I grew up in church […]

  • Is this really the day of love?

    Advertisers love Valentine’s Day.   Valentines’ day has Australians spending $908+ million dollars on romantic getaways, dinner, jewelry, and chocolates, with the average Australian spending $40. (  The down side to a day dedicated to love is that if you’re recently divorced, had a spouse die, broke up with your partner, or just had a general […]

  • Acquainted with grief…

    Two items of clothing symbolize two significant moments of my last pregnancy. I wore the first one, a cranberry red dress, to my father in law’s 70th birthday celebration. At that dinner, surrounded by family and friends, he made a happy declaration. “Next year we will have twelve people seated at this table!” A friend […]

  • Step away from the pew… and drop the mask

    I am lonely. That is what I am hearing, over and over again. Loners, leaders and ‘popular’ ladies all say it. So many women have shared stories with me over the last few weeks; some break my heart and others inspire me. Many have said that during their loneliness, ‘God was their all in all’. […]

  • I don’t feel like it…

    A few Sundays ago I simply did not feel like going to church. Three months have passed since I had a car accident and I still felt governed by my back pain which was constant, annoying and gnawing at my soul. I felt a little depressed and frustrated that I wasn’t feeling better yet. I […]

  • Dear Mrs. Hall and Mrs.Woolsey… from one of ‘those girls’

    The last few days have been all abuzz with a post from Mrs. Hall, a concerned mother upset about what her young teen boys were viewing on social media. Her approach is zero tolerance and censorship of any half-dressed girls. Good for you. Your house, your children, your rules. Then another mother, Mrs. Woolsey chimes in with a […]

  • The Church lady in the mirror…

    There is something going on. And it’s not good. In the past two weeks, I have had countless women bring up the topic of rejection from ‘church ladies’ until I seriously can no longer ignore it. Women from work, cashiers at stores, and—one crazy deal—a woman who remembered me from a retreat we both attended […]

  • A new beginning…

    Warning: References to adult content in this post Here is the beginning of a new life. My son was born in the spring and now Christmas is just around the corner.  Darren’s work didn’t pan out and we were in dire need of money. Even though I was reluctant to leave my young son at […]