• How you can stop wanting to be ‘her’

    Almost from birth, I think little girls are prone to competing and comparing with one another; they battle to be the prettiest, the smartest, the sweetest, the fastest. Not much changes over time. Women still feel the need to constantly look sideways and compare themselves to the girl-next-door. This time it’s bodies, babies, husbands & […]

  • How to admire and not envy others

    The older I get, the more I see just how talented some people are. It’s no surprise to me though, as I believe God has given everyone special talents. Some use them, some don’t. I love watching the World Surf League. I love watching rugby. I like reading about the captains of industry in business. […]

  • Green Eyed Monster: Jealousy

    The surprise must have registered on my face as I opened the front door to the unexpected visitor. Miri* stood there, small and demure, nervous and unsure. It was a cool day and we had not lit the fire inside the house, but it was warm on the front veranda in the sunshine. I invited […]