• What’s Slipping Through Your Fingers?

    I realized the other day that I had let an important aspect of God’s word slip through my fingers. I was standing in a church service (which is a great place for self-realization) and it hit me. It may have been caused by the uncertainties of the pandemic… or I may have simply let my […]

  • If you’re feeling alone

    Are you feeling alone in life? You may feel abandoned by a spouse who seems distant… or perhaps you’ve gone through a divorce and the initial relief has turned into loneliness. “God is with those who obey him…” Psalm 14:5 NLT God is with those who obey him. Another version says, “God is present in […]

  • Change Your Outcome, Change Your Life

    Are you ready for change? Your career, your relationships and even the small details of your life like where you live and what you drive can all be influenced for better or worse by one simple thing: your response. Like the Pavlovian dog, we’ve all been conditioned for response. A text blip. An email ding. […]