• Virginia Democrats vote to allow non-doctors to perform first trimester abortions

    The Virginia Democratic-controlled Senate and House both voted last week to allow non-doctors to perform abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy, and to end the requirements for ultrasounds, counseling and a 24-hour waiting period. SB 733 removes Virginia’s requirement that only doctors may perform first-trimester abortions in order to allow a “licensed health care […]

  • With 345,672 Abortions in a Year, Planned Parenthood’s Profitable Mission

    While masquerading as a routine “healthcare” provider for women, Planned Parenthood killed a record number 345,672 unborn babies via abortion during its 2018-2019 fiscal year, which is an increase of 13,000 more than the previous year, according to its latest annual report. That means Planned Parenthood performed an average of 947 abortions each day in […]