• Navigating New Seasons: Helpful Lessons From Ruth

    It’s a new season. So what do we do? It’s common to assess where we’ve been and consider the changes we want to make moving forward when transitions come. Whether we call them resolutions or goals, these decisions shape the way we live our lives. Yet, a decision without action remains more of a dream […]

  • The discipline of rest…

    I got my efficiency from my mother. Laura: a former nurse, mother of nine, force to be reckoned with. When I was very young, I thought she was a superhero; when I entered adulthood, I was proven right. This woman can homeschool her young ones, drive multiple carpools, answer all of our medical questions, text […]

  • Hill of Beans…

    My favorite movie is Casa Blanca. There is a scene where Humphrey Bogart is talking to Ingrid Bergman, and he refers to their love affair in the midst of WWII as meaning as much to the world as a hill of beans. There are bigger problems than two separated lovers.  I have been talking to […]

  • How to stay ahead of the charging buffalo

    It was a day I would never forget. For many years I had traveled the Yellowhead  Highway  east of Edmonton,  and knew that I was in for a treat. As a child with my nose pressed tight against the car window, I would look excitedly for the mangy buffalo that wandered along the fence line […]

  • Tiptoeing on to the dance floor…

    Everyone who came into the reception area had something on their feet. Some wore sandals, some runners, some slip-ons. There were wedges, loafers, slippers and clogs. Some shoes were strapped into wheel chair foot stirrups. Cowboy boots, work boots, ankle books, riding boots – even a few stilettos graced the floor. We all gathered in […]

  • Confessions of a Female Pharisee

    How I overcame prejudices to love unconditionally Years ago when I was ‘perfect’, I would listen to women’s struggles and prayer requests, tilt my head and judge them to hell and back. Abortions, sexual sins, wayward children . . . Clearly they were not walking a true Christian walk. Right? I grew up in church […]

  • The garment of patience

    I’m a summer girl. I like dresses, I like bikinis, I like skirts, shorts and little tops. I like the feeling of freedom that comes with summer holidays and the shorts and bikini which become my daily uniform. I was the same as a little girl. I hated wearing heavy jumpers. I wanted the light […]

  • 50 Things I wish someone told me before having babies…

    Having a baby is totally AMAZING but let’s be honest for a second. It can be kinda scary, mega hectic and ridiculously lovely all meshed into one. There’s so much the books don’t cover and your friends forget to tell you. Here are some things I learnt on the job! Say goodbye to sleep Say goodbye to […]

  • Letting go of unbelief…

    Since the beginning of time a syndrome has been affecting loving parents across the world. I call it, ‘Lord I believe, help my unbelief!’ Typically, the condition doesn’t manifest right away. As new parents, we confidently stand before God and others, and dedicate our children to the Lord. We plan brunch, invite friends and family, and […]

  • Dressed in…….

    My usual attire is jeans and t-shirt or sweater. I am a simple gal. I wear no make up (because when I do I look just like me, except with makeup, and after all the fuss and bother of putting it on, I want more or different). My greying hair is going to continue on that route. […]