• The Helper Effect

    The word I received was “bystander effect” which resulted in an enquiry on my behalf as I know what it means, but my questions were who? Where? In relation to what? The response I received was “My people are standing back waiting for someone else to go first, my people are waiting for SOMEBODY else to do something”.

  • Listening to the Spirit when we’re afraid of His voice…

    She looked me in the eyes, square in the eyes. Each shaking hand trying to stabilize the other, and tears filling each lower lid. “I’m afraid,” she said plainly. Not trying to hide her anxiety, but also unaware of the exhaustion expressed in her sign. “I’m afraid to listen to God because I’m afraid of […]

  • When God tells you what shoes to buy…

    Just to be clear from the start, this is not one of those odd stories where I am led of the Lord to buy a pair of shoes. I don’t pray for divine guidance when I go shopping (unless it’s going to take miraculous intervention to get that obscenely expensive dress). I just go shopping. […]