• Don’t let fear lie to you any longer

    Meet Buck Rock (see below). We got acquainted last summer. We’ll never be good friends though. See the steep stairs? I climbed those to the house on top of that rock. (I know, I know, whhhyyyy would anyone do that?) I climbed them with tears in my eyes… and on my cheeks. I was clenching […]

  • Maybe your fear is telling you something

    I have been a Christian for most of my life and have been in church for a lot of it too. I really appreciate the message of ‘fearing not,’ as the reality is that we all have so many things we can be fearful of in our life. You could lose your job tomorrow. Your […]

  • How To Overcome The Five Greatest Fears

    What are you afraid of? You may not be a wimp, but the truth is, everyone is afraid of something. And chances are, when you get to the root of your fear, you start discovering what’s holding you back. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, successful, unsuccessful, famous or not famous, fear is a […]

  • 3 reasons to punch fear in the face

    It’s so easy to let fear dictate your life. I know, because I often find myself doing just that. I let the fear of failure stop me from stepping out, I let the fear of man control my value and self-esteem, I let the fear of an unknown future paralyse me from enjoying the present. […]