• On the Ground: Persecution as a Christian Woman in Pakistan

    International Christian Concern (ICC) interviewed one of their staff members based in Pakistan to get her personal experience dealing with the dynamics of her faith and gender in the fundamentalist Islamic country. This is our conversation: People in the west often have a view that Pakistan and other Islamic countries create suffocating cultures for women, […]

  • Life before communists took over: a Christian woman remembers

    Rhee Soon-ja has vivid memories of her father reading the Bible to her and her six siblings when they were children in northern Korea. She remembers that the verses were printed vertically, rather than horizontally. And although now 82 years old, she can still picture the phrase “Christ Is Lord of This House” hanging from […]

  • Christian Woman Assaulted with a Sickle in Egypt

    Last month, a Muslim radical brutally attacked a Christian woman in Egypt, Mona Wafdi Marzouk, nearly killing her. One morning as she was walking to her family’s farm to help her father, who was in poor health, the attacker ambushed her and began to strangle her. He then proceeded to grab a sickle, and he […]

  • “China Is the World’s Worst Torturer of Women”. Here is the Evidence

    Alexandra Cavelius talks with Bitter Winter about the shocking new book she co-wrote with Xinjiang camps survivor Sayragul Sauytbay. A journalist and a human rights activist, Alexandra Cavelius became internationally well-known with her book “The Chief Witness,” where she gave voice to transformation through education camps survivor from Xinjiang (that she calls East Turkestan, as […]

  • Afghanistan surpasses North Korea as #1 most dangerous place to be a Christian

    Afghanistan has topped the list of most dangerous places to live, according to the annual 2022 World Watch List, compiled by Open Doors. For the past 30 years, Open Doors has released the list, which reveals the 50 most dangerous countries to be a Christian, to help increase global awareness of the persecution and discrimination […]

  • Iranian Christian woman jailed for her faith is charged once again

    Roksari Kanbari, an Iranian Christian convert from Islam, who has already served time in prison for “propaganda against the regime”, has been summoned to answer the same charge again. The 64-year-old has been ordered to appear before a prosecutor in her home town of Karaj by 19 January for what Roksari previously described as “the […]

  • Slave Labor in Chinese Jails: Christian Women Prisoners of Conscience Speak

    Uyghurs and other Turkic inmates submitted to slave labor in Xinjiang are very much in the news, and rightly so. However, slave labor is a grim reality for all prisoners of conscience, in all Chinese provinces. Three female members of The Church of Almighty God (CAG), a banned Christian new religious movement, found the courage […]

  • Beating isolation: Social media throws a lifeline to secret believers

    You are probably experiencing isolation in a new way this year. Coronavirus has had a widespread impact on all of our lives. Churches have closed. Families can’t gather together for special occasions – or even everyday occasions. Whether or not your life was usually very busy, it’s likely that your experience of Christian community has […]

  • Nigerian Christian bride murdered in jihadi ambush on way to wedding

    Islamist extremists shot dead a Christian bride and a group of her friends as they traveled to her wedding in Nigeria on 26 December. RELATED: 13 Christians killed by Muslims in Central Nigeria A Barnabas Fund contact said bride Martha Bulus and her party had set out by road from Maiduguri to make their way […]

  • Christian Woman Killed in Kidnapping of Four Baptists in Nigeria

    Less than a week after Muslim Fulani herdsmen kidnapped six teenage girls from a Christian-run high school in north-central Nigeria, another attack in the same county led to the killing of a Baptist woman and the kidnapping of four others from the same church, sources said. Morning Star News reports that Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed […]