• ‘Deepfake’ pornography is ruining women’s lives

    Victims of ‘deepfake pornography’ are calling for tougher measures to prevent women being targeted. Creators of deepfake porn use artificial intelligence to replace the likeness of one person with another, often in the form of videos. The perpetrator merely requires a digital photograph of their victim which can be transposed onto pornographic content. One victim […]

  • What Do We Know About Pornography Use Among Women?

    Pornography use is often framed as a male phenomenon. But as singer-songwriter Billie Eilish’s statements about her pornography use since the age of 11 make clear women—and even young girls—now make up a sizeable block of pornography consumers.  Research shows that in recent decades the increase in women’s pornography use has been dramatic.   Five decades ago, […]

  • Woman who left porn industry decries explicit content on Twitter

    A woman who left the porn industry has called for explicit content to be banned on social media platform Twitter because children are being exposed to it. Lisa Ann has urged tech tycoon Elon Musk, who recently acquired the platform in a multi-billion dollar deal, to root out x-rated pictures and videos as a matter […]

  • It’s official: Pornography fuels sex trafficking

    The fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world is child sex trafficking [1]. It is not something that is just happening out there in the world in other countries. Although most don’t stop and consider this, it’s happening in our homes the moment someone clicks on a pornographic image or video and have then participated […]

  • 5 Tips When You Discover Your Kid Is Viewing Porn

    No parents want to find out that their son or daughter has been viewing pornography, but every parent should plan for it. A 2016 Barna study revealed that over two-thirds of 13-24-year-old males and one-third of 13-24-year-old females are viewing pornography at least monthly. In all likelihood, that number has increased in the past five […]

  • Unmasked: Conquering Sexual Sin and Walking in Victory

    An atheist who grew up in a Jewish home, Neil Getzlow remembers more about his family’s beliefs surrounding Jesus than the holy days he celebrated with extended family who brought food and gifts to his childhood home in St. Louis, Missouri. Even at the age of nine, when he first looked at pornographic magazines left […]

  • How you can break free of pornography

    Porn. I hate porn. I think it’s one of the biggest tools of the enemy in our current time. The amount of people viewing it is alarming. The amount of Christian leaders consuming is saddening (no judgment from me, I battled that filthy addiction for 6 years 2008 – 2013). You can read the nitty gritty of […]

  • Petition gains 214,000 signatures to close major porn site

  • If you need help overcoming porn…

    As a pastor I am seeing more and more Christians who have had a secret addiction to porn, sometimes for years. This is a huge problem in our world today, but it is a problem with an answer, for those who are Christ’s. Let’s first look at the problem of porn and then the answer […]