• For not shooting same-sex weddings, Christian photographer faces 100k fine, potential jail

    New York Christian photographer and blogger Emilee Carpenter is facing a fine of up to $100,000 and potentially a year in jail if she refuses to create photos and blogs for same-sex weddings. Carpenter could also have her business license revoked. This week, a federal district court dismissed her case after she stated she should […]

  • Churches, Christian Schools, and a Pro-Life Ministry Standing Up to Virginia’s Alarming New Law

    It seems that some government officials in Virginia have decided that their preferred political ideology trumps free speech and religious freedom. But two churches, three Christian schools, and a pro-life ministry were not content to stand by and watch their rights disappear.  Today, Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit challenging a new Virginia law on […]

  • The wedding photographer standing up for free speech

    Over the past several years, we’ve seen several creative professionals forced to battle for their rights in court. Some local governments have tried to force these artists and business owners to use their talents to express messages with which they disagree. It’s certainly a disturbing trend. But recently, we’ve seen another trend. Creative professionals are […]

  • How a Supreme Court Case on Foster Care May Affect This Woman

    Barronelle Stutzman is a talented floral artist in Washington state, and Sharonell Fulton is a devoted foster parent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These two Christian women live thousands of miles apart. But their powerful stands for religious freedom—at the U.S. Supreme Court—may be poised to bring them together, to the benefit of us all. RELATEDNew York adoption […]