• Tiptoeing on the dance floor: a story of cancer survival

    Everyone who came into the reception area had something on their feet. Some wore sandals, some runners, some slip-ons. There were wedges, loafers, slippers and clogs. Some shoes were strapped into wheel chair foot stirrups. Cowboy boots, work boots, ankle books, riding boots – even a few stilettos graced the floor. We all gathered in […]

  • I was healed from Chronic Fatigue…

    I was 20 years old when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had never heard of it, but every symptom of it described my condition perfectly. I was exhausted. It was a deep exhaustion that I couldn’t get rid of by having a good night’s sleep. My brain felt foggy and I struggled […]

  • Restoration

    I love “before and after” reveals whether it be a house or a person. My daughter and I love seeing something or someone restored to its original or true beauty and purpose. It’s exciting for during the process there is great hope and anticipation of what the final product will be. I believe that’s how […]