• It’s official: Pornography fuels sex trafficking

    The fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world is child sex trafficking [1]. It is not something that is just happening out there in the world in other countries. Although most don’t stop and consider this, it’s happening in our homes the moment someone clicks on a pornographic image or video and have then participated […]

  • Attorneys Help California Ministry Fighting Sex Trafficking to Open Prime Location

    Children of the Immaculate Heart offers a housing and rehabilitation program for adult women and their children and sought to expand their services to include a short-term residential therapeutic program for sex-trafficked youth. When the ministry ran into licensing issues due to religious discrimination at the California Department of Social Services, the national not-for-profit public […]

  • The Porn Survivor now Pastor Fighting Sex Trafficking

    She was molested her entire childhood by a girl – a best friend and church deacon’s daughter – who acted out her grandfather’s nasty secrets. A preacher’s kid from a small town, she grew into a role model for teens – a strong leader who was destined for ministry on a large scale, despite the […]

  • Franklin Graham criticizes NFL over sexualized Superbowl entertainment

    Franklin Graham has criticized both the NFL and Pepsi for half-time entertainment that he believes shows young girls that sexual exploitation is okay. Graham took to Facebook to comment as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20. “I don’t expect the world to act like the church, but our country has had […]