• The road of singleness

    Yes, it’s true I’m still young, just barely 21 to be exact. You may think I have no business writing on this subject. You may just be plain sick of the topic in general. Perhaps you feel like you’ve heard all there is to hear on singleness. I won’t even try to pretend I have […]

  • Is this really the day of love?

    Advertisers love Valentine’s Day.   Valentines’ day has Australians spending $908+ million dollars on romantic getaways, dinner, jewelry, and chocolates, with the average Australian spending $40. (  The down side to a day dedicated to love is that if you’re recently divorced, had a spouse die, broke up with your partner, or just had a general […]

  • Eyes wide open… looking beyond the surface

    Do you have a list? You know ‘the list’ which goes to sleep with you at night describing all the qualities God will provide in the man you’ve been waiting for. I love lists. We all need to put down ideas and get a feel for what we need and what would complement our lifestyles. […]