• Because he’s the one with the problem!

    Counseling sessions with my husband always started out the same. On the drive there I would envision the therapist agreeing that I was right and that my husband needed to change. It would surely be a life-changing hour for him. But the counseling sessions always ended the same. Half way through after being shocked that […]

  • The shore is in sight…

    I recently studied Acts chapter 27 and I was amazed at what God revealed to me about caregivers through this story of Paul.  I always love to study this man of God for he was the most unlikely to have been chosen by God and I see myself in that same light.  I wonder all […]

  • Look what the TIDE brought in… my life in OZ has come full circle

    2010 – we’ve finally moved out of the hotel and into a rental house. Our shipment has yet to arrive from America so we are still on rented furniture. I’m very very sad because I miss home and my family so very much. I feel distant from Jesus and I have zero friends. Everyday Lance […]

  • A new beginning…

    Warning: References to adult content in this post Here is the beginning of a new life. My son was born in the spring and now Christmas is just around the corner.  Darren’s work didn’t pan out and we were in dire need of money. Even though I was reluctant to leave my young son at […]

  • Divorce. Unpardonable sin?

    My husband Lance is in America and I am alone, here in Brisbane, Queensland.  Sunday morning, I went to church alone. After greeting friends I sat down to the beginnings of a praise song. It was unsettling to not to hear Lance’s booming voice sing along. So strange to not lean over onto his shoulder, […]

  • Love is not a feeling…

    “What if God is more interested in changing you, than in changing your spouse.” I wish I could tell you that I sat still on that cold, harsh brown leather sofa, as the words from the Christian Counselor’s lips echoed and replayed over and over again in my mind. Just being candid, it was NOTHING […]

  • The power of two with one heart…

    The dynamics of love, respect, protection and honour are more than just keys to a successful marriage and intimate relationship. They are timeless principles with the ability to restore something crucial lost by both males and females—the power of dominion. Notice I did not say domination. Domination is the perversion of God’s gift of strength […]