• Seek first, serve second

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m the kind of person who finds it hard to stop, to sit, to wait, to rest and to receive. I’m a Martha by default, but I’m a Mary by choice. Because what’s the point of doing everything for God? And missing Him in the process. SIT FIRST, SERVE […]

  • Rejecting busy: How you can escape the hustle and live in rhythm

    As a culture we tend to glorify busyness, productivity, expansion and increase, no matter the cost. We celebrate the go-getters, the super-achievers, who are always hustling, bustling, kicking goals, making money and juggling a million hats at once. They run on coffee and never even seem to sleep. Ambition is what gets them up in […]

  • Drop the mask and step away from the pew

    I am lonely. That is what I am hearing, over and over again. Loners, leaders and ‘popular’ ladies all say it. So many women have shared stories with me over the last few weeks; some break my heart and others inspire me. Many have said that during their loneliness, ‘God was their all in all’. […]