• First Openly Transgender Olympian Cleared to Compete in Tokyo

    The Tokyo Summer Olympic Games will mark an historic occasion, and it is not the fact that it is the first Games run through a global pandemic. Laurel Hubbard, pictured below, a weightlifter representing New Zealand will mark history as the first ever transgender competitor. The 43 year-old New Zealand weightlifter has been cleared to […]

  • I Was the Fastest Girl in Connecticut. But Transgender Athletes Made it an Unfair Fight.

    Editor’s note: On May 22, USA Today published an opinion piece from Alliance Defending Freedom client Chelsea Mitchell (Soule v. Connecticut Association of Schools) about the injustice she experienced as an athlete who was forced to compete against males in track. On May 25, editors at USA Today, without notice to Chelsea, changed the word […]

  • She Should Have Earned Four State Titles, But Lost to Male Athletes

    As a college athlete, I understand what it’s like to put in hard work every day trying to achieve your dreams. From early morning practices to late night study sessions, being a high-level athlete requires extreme sacrifice, discipline, and dedication. There is nothing sweeter than succeeding when you know you have put in the time […]

  • Female Athletes Sign NCAA Letter: ‘Not Fair We Run Against Boys’

    When I look back on my time in college, my participation in NCAA Division II athletics was by far one of the highlights. Being a college athlete taught me about time management, goal setting, and physical and mental toughness. It brought me lifelong friendships. It paid for my college education. When we were in the […]

  • Support Grows for High School Girls Fighting for Fairness in Women’s Sports

    Three brave high school girls in Connecticut have done what many of their much older counterparts have been unwilling to do… They have asked the simple question: Do female athletes deserve the right to compete on a level playing field? The answer should be common sense. That’s why Title IX was created, after all—to provide […]