• Faith heroes: Katharina von Bora, an inspiring figure 500 years on

    Katharina von Bora, the nun who married the former monk Martin Luther, continues to be an inspiring figure after nearly five hundred years. Katharina was born into a family of nobility in Saxony, near Leipzig in Germany, in 1499. At the age of five she was sent away to a convent for education, with the […]

  • Faith heroes: Catherine of Siena, who boldly called out corrupt clergy

    Catherine was born to a cloth dyer in Siena, Italy, in 1347, the twenty-third of twenty-six children, most of whom didn’t survive infancy. It was a tough time and place to be born: the Black Death, which was to kill a third of Europe, was spreading; much of what we now know as Italy was […]

  • Faith Heroes: Helen Roseveare, the British medical missionary

    Helen Roseveare was born in 1925 in Hertfordshire, England, and went to Cambridge University to study medicine at the end of the Second World War. There she began to attend the Cambridge Inter Collegiate Christian Union, the CICCU. Soon Helen received Christ and resolved that her medical skills would be used on the mission field […]

  • Faith heroes: Marie Durand, who spent most of life in jail for her faith

    The story of the eighteenth-century French Christian, Marie Durand, who spent almost all her life in jail for her faith, is challenging. To understand Marie’s imprisonment we need some background. The Reformation of the sixteenth century, with its emphasis on the Bible and faith in Christ as the only way of salvation, was not just […]

  • Faith heroes: Helen Cadbury of the famous Christian chocolate family

    Helen Cadbury was born in 1877 into the Quaker family who ran the famous Birmingham chocolate firm. Helen’s father Richard was committed not just to the social work that was a Quaker distinctive but also to enthusiastically sharing the gospel. When Helen was 12 she was converted at an evangelistic meeting her father had organised. […]

  • Faith heroes: Angela Burdett-Coutts, a powerful example of Christian giving

    Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts was a woman who was a household name in Victorian Britain and remains a powerful example of Christian giving. Angela was born in 1814 into the Burdett family of high social status and considerable wealth, and was well-educated by tutors. Spiritually, she grew up in the Church of England and became committed […]

  • Faith heroes: Perpetua, one of the first martyred Christian women

    Of the many accounts of the martyrdom of early Christians, one of the most compelling is that of a woman, Perpetua, who was executed in an arena at Carthage, now a suburb of Tunis in Tunisia, in the year 203. Let me give you some background. By ad 200 the vast and unstable Roman Empire […]

  • Faith heroes: Gladys Aylward, a remarkable missionary to China

    When I became a Christian in 1975 my spiritual diet was Bible reading and Christian biographies. One life that impacted me was that of Gladys Aylward, a remarkable missionary to China from 1932 to 1949. Gladys was born in north London in 1902 to a working-class family and had only limited education. She was a […]

  • Christian Woman hero of the faith: Elisabeth Elliot

    Elisabeth Elliot was born in 1926 in Brussels to missionary parents who soon relocated to the USA. There, at an early age, she made a personal profession of faith to follow Christ. Elisabeth soon felt God’s call to be a missionary. In 1944, with the intention of becoming a Bible translator, she enrolled at Wheaton […]

  • Young Mother Fifth Christian Killed in India in Just Two Months

    A 26-year-old mother became the fifth Christian in two months to be killed in India last week when she refused to hand over her daughter to be raped by Hindus who had assaulted the girl and other Christian minors, sources said. Morning Star News reports that two masked Hindus slit the throat of Sunita Devi […]