• The Challenges and Joys of Families Worshipping Together

    As churches begin to reopen, the majority of congregations are not opening children’s ministries. Families will worship together. This change is drastic for most churches, creating a bit of anxiety for parents and preachers alike. There are several obvious challenges that come with having kids of all ages in the worship space. Kids distract parents […]

  • US Freedom of Religion Under Attack? California Bans Singing in Church

    Conservative politicians and Christian leaders alike in the United States railed against California legislators for a new coronavirus-related regulation that bans singing in any indoor religious services, even with masks on, under new guidelines issued Wednesday (7/1/20) by the Department of Public Health. And after pointing out the irony of unfettered protests in the US […]

  • The wisdom of worship

    If I were to take a random survey among Christians, asking them what immediately springs to mind when they hear the word ‘worship’, there would undoubtedly be varied responses.  For some, worship is simply that hour on Sunday mornings when they go to church.  For others, worship is the first part of the service where […]