Being Thankful for the Small Things

By Christian Womanmag


“Children are such a gift!” clucks grandma-again Heather Keys . . .

 This week we welcomed another wee treasure from heaven into our Whanau (family). Little Ruby was born five days ago. She was three weeks early and caught us all off guard.

We had a busy day celebrating her big brother George’s second birthday having lots of fun, then lo-and-behold, Ruby decided she didn’t want to hang around in the womb anymore—she wanted to meet George sooner rather than later! That means four grandchildren so far. Yay! I am over the moon.

I was chatting with my son’s gorgeous wife after the birth and mentioned how wonderful it is to hold a baby in your arms. I reflected on the joy and pure pleasure we women get when we hold that beautiful baby, feel their soft skin, smell their new smell and gaze adoringly upon the miracle of creation. As we sat there in total awe and admiration for our new little Ruby, I counted my enormous blessings.


Thankful for the small things

I am still on cloud nine as I write this. I will never get over the awesome feeling I have when I am with a new-born babe. These little blessings make me feel complete, satisfied, thankful and a thousand other emotions. My skin tingles, my smile is so wide and tears come to my eyes. What a beautiful thing it is to have a child.

From a very young age I always wanted many children. At 14 when I found out I was adopted with no true relatives or whanau, I determined to create my own family to give myself a sense of belonging and purpose on this earth. In my turmoil I cried out to God, pleading with him to help me feel like I belonged here. Then I gave birth to six beautiful children, one of whom was stillborn. What pleasure and pain I endured to deliver these babies—all very large and all very long labours too. Now I am privileged to see my children having their own babies. Ah, what joy and sheer excitement it is. God has blessed me and mine and I feel confident that he will continue to do so—yes, I am expecting many more!

The decision I made when I was 14 is bearing wonderful fruit already. Even though I lost one child to still birth and two grandchildren to miscarriage, I know they are in heaven and we will be reunited with them one day in the distant future. They are safe and well with Jesus. These little lives that we enjoy here on earth are safe and well with their families too.

God is good. He hears our inner most thoughts and desires, (even when we’re 14) and even though I haven’t always been true and faithful to God, he has always been true and faithful to me. It hasn’t been easy, but through thick and thin, God has helped me, blessed me and honoured me with children, and given me the sense of purpose and destiny for my life. He is good, great and greater.

My encouragement to you is this: Remind yourselves of the things you desired many years ago and check to see if God has delivered . . . I am willing to bet he has. God bless you always. CW