The 4 things I needed to tell my mom

By Sabrina Peters

Dear Mom,

I just need you to know how much I really love you. Our relationship is far from perfect and we’ve had our share of ups and down but you’ve always been there for me (sometimes in your totally overprotective way) but none the less you have shaped me, loved me and nurtured me for so many years and there are few things I really need you to know. 

I appreciate you.

I know I didn’t say it enough growing up, but thank you! You didn’t have to give up so much just for me, but you did. Thank you for working so hard, for cooking and cleaning none-stop and making our worlds go round. I use to think it was your job to do all of that, but it’s not. You chose to and it’s so much harder than you made it look. Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick and listening when I needed to talk, you just had this way of making it all okay. At times I took you for granted. but the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized just how much I have to be grateful for. Thank you for every sacrifice big and small.

I forgive you.

You didn’t get it right all the time and I use hold that against you. Some of the things you did hurt me so bad, some of the things you said cut me right to the core, but I’ve come to a place where I realized you gave your best, and your best was enough. I’ve come to understand you are not just my mum, you are a woman with her own flaws and feelings, dreams and plans. I am letting you off the hook for all the mess-ups and I want you to know you are completely free and forgiven. On that note I’d just like to ad.

I’m sorry.

For the mistakes I’ve made and the harsh words I’ve said. For the times I uttered with utmost conviction, “I hate you”. My goodness, I am so sorry, I really did not mean that. Those words are lies. I love you more than anything. You are the one woman who literally formed me in her body and put my to sleep every night. For any hurt or heartache I have caused you please forgive me for that too. And lastly,

I love you. 

What else can I say, you will always be the most precious woman in the world to me.


Sabrina Peters is a Christian writer, an avid Sex & Relationships blogger and part of the team at Kingdomcity. She is married to Ben and mother to Liberty & Lincoln.