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The American Idol star who chose adoption over abortion

By Bridgett Banks

American Idol contestant Amber Fiedler was 9 months pregnant when she auditioned before the American Idol judges.

At the time, the 23 year-old told the judges – as well as the nation – she was putting her baby up for adoption.

“The last few years I was going out and drinking a bunch,” she told the judges. “I was getting caught up in life. With this pregnancy, I’ve learned who I was as a person. I’ve had time to sit and think and looking at the big picture of life.

“There’s days where I don’t even have $20 in my pocket. If I’m not ready to be a mom, why would I put her through that, you know? Having the time to think and reflect on my life, the baby, she saved me. She really did.”

Three weeks after her baby was born, Amber again was on stage and told the judges:

“…Nora was born happy and healthy,” she added. “It was the most beautiful experience to be a part of. To watch the adoptive mom hold her when she came out. I knew in that moment it was the right thing. Nothing about the birth made me second-guess my decision.

I knew the moment I made the decision it was what God had planned. American Idol did an amazing job smashing my story in three minutes. Incredible. There were a lot of reasons why I placed Nora for adoption and I wasn’t making smart choices with my life (hence why I got pregnant). I was quite literally throwing my life away.

“She saved me because she brought me out of that and made me realize my worth. I’m not ready to be a mom. I realize the mistakes I made, and I will be smarter. She has so much love in her life. I’m excited for y’all to see her grow with me.”

Millions heard Amber’s testimony and saw the powerful alternative to abortion.

Singing “Rise Up”, Amber got a standing ovation from the judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.