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The anti-abortion video that is going viral

By David Rogers | Staff Writer

Human Rights. You may think you’ve always had yours, but you would be wrong! #JustSaying. A new anti-abortion video has gone viral, thanks to Canadian pro-life group, CHOICE42.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make sense of the fact that babies are not in fact humans until they are born, then this video might just sum it up in one go.

The satirical take on the narrative that babies only have value after they leave the birth canal has become a hit around thw world.

CHOICE42 is pro-woman, pro-baby and pro-life group. Their focus is on creating awareness about the humanity of pre-born children, and to provide support to women who are facing unplanned pregnancy or dealing with post-abortion problems.

The group encourages women to be fully educated about their options and to realize that though it is their choice, they are making a choice for two.

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