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The garment of patience

By Christian Womanmag

I’m a summer girl. I like dresses, I like bikinis, I like skirts, shorts and little tops. I like the feeling of freedom that comes with summer holidays and the shorts and bikini which become my daily uniform.

I was the same as a little girl. I hated wearing heavy jumpers. I wanted the light and pretty dresses, no tights and no fuss.

I watch my kids today as they resist the jumpers, resist the layers.

I can relate.

Even now I am in a tug-a-war with God over a garment I do not want to wear. He is not so forceful in His dealing with adults. He just keeps presenting the garment to me. He doesn’t shove it over my head. He just gently offers it to me, knowing it will help. It will keep me warm, it will protect me from the elements.

I’ve resisted this garment, but I know I need it. This is not the life of short sprints and spurts. This is the life of the long distance run, the endurance event, the pilgrim’s journey, the mountain hike.

He is patient with me. Me, with my screaming arms, trying to cast off this garment as a shiver in the elements.

I hear his encouragement about the beauty of this garment. I haven’t been taught this by the world that I live in. I have been taught to grab the garment of selfish demands. But this garment doesn’t suit me any more, it doesn’t even fit, it is not functional for the journey I am on.

There is another that fits me perfect. Made for the long haul, for the mystery of unknown pathways, unchartered waters, new territory. It is made for the one who says yes to Him, it is made for the mountain climbers, the brave ones, the ones who live by faith and not sight, the ones willing to walk in His paths.

And I hear His words; “You need the strength of endurance to reveal the poetry of My will and then you will receive the promise in full.” (James 10:36 The Passion Translation) and I realize that the garment of patience is not an optional extra.

To see His poetry, this garment is essential. It keeps me in His story. It makes me part of His Story.

I lift my arms and He slips it on – the beautiful, strong, costly garment of patience.

It fits, it’s beautiful.

And each day I’m reminded to lift my arms to Him again and let Him dress me, let Him put His garments on me, and clothe me for the terrain He has called me to.

Kirrily Lowe – www.kirrilylowe.com

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