The importance of church community as Hillsong singer healed of brain aneurysm

By Danielle Jarvis

Having made a miraculous recovery after suffering a brain aneurysm, Hillsong worship leader Chelsea Taylor has spoken out about the importance of her church community.

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At a time when Christians around the world cannot enjoy the company of their church community, Chelsea has shared in a video just how important her community was in getting her through a life-threatening illness.

Taylor, who is based in Sydney, Australia, became unwell during a Sunday church service last year and never returned to the stage. She was rushed to hospital while the service was in progress.

Fellow worship leader Matty Crocker took to Instagram to comment on her health, stating, “I am actually speechless right now… @Chelsealeetaylor we were leading worship together yesterday morning and then we both walked off separate (sic) sides of the stage.

“Halfway through the message I got a text saying you wouldn’t be up there with us when we go back up. I thought u had fainted and that was it. I only found out in the last few hours how serious it was…

“If u read this at all, know that the Crocker’s are praying with and for you. Complete healing, complete peace, complete rest… that you would know and sense His presence like never before… “Be still, and know that I am God”…psalm 46:10”

Chelsea took to Instagram to share how doctors told her mom that if she did live, it’s highly likely that she would be paralyzed. Her mom said to the doctors, “No, I understand what you’re saying, but I believe in miracles.”


“The church rallied around me and all prayed. I don’t know how people get through life without a community of believers around them. It was 37 days that I was in hospital and for all 37 days, the church at dinner at the hospital every night for my family.

“It is a miracle because I walked out of hospital with nothing wrong with me. I walked out of hospital fully healed. It was a celebration not only because God saved my life, but it was the joy of peoples’ prayers answered in front of them.

“When it gets tough you realize how much you need your church community and I saw it first hand with our church.”