The Midnight Tree: God’s Nudge for an Aspiring Writer

By Jennie Simon

I awoke at 12.45 am to the sight of a giant shimmery tree outside my bedroom window. It resembled the pine tree I saw in the cemetery last week, visiting my great grandparents’ graves. That tree is about two hundred years old, at least ten feet around.

This “night” tree was glowing opalescent, not evergreen, and seemed to be watching me. The half lit moon was behind it, resting in the summer solstice sky just above the mountain’s edges. The giant tree was radiant. Though it was solidly in place, its branches had a slight sway. I felt its presence connecting to me. My soul was awakened. I wondered how I had missed such a grand tree in the familiar landscape. Common sense could not be reached in my half asleep awareness. Still, the tree was alive with light and my mind connected to it.

Feeling hungry, I rose, slouching a sleepy walk to the kitchen for a dish of cantaloupe. When I returned to bed, gazing out the window toward the tree, the light of it was gone. The moon hidden now behind murky gray, I soon let my thoughts retire, snuggling under the soft quilt. The night breeze clanked the window blind but soon I feel soundly asleep.  Waking to a feathered pink and orange sunrise about 6:30 am, I immediately looked out to that large visitor in the night. Where glistening presence had awakened me hours ago, stood just a humble pine, with nimble branches worn from the harsh winds of winter. Perhaps had I dreamt of the giant tree?

The day’s activities and errands ensued and the glimmering tree was not thought of until later. Scrolling across an email from Presentation Ministries, “Trees” in a subject line got my attention swiftly. Stop! Trees!

As I read scripture and encouraging words in the email, several lessons by way of trees came to mind. Do not be privy to despair was the first hard thought. Personally I translated: Though my full on pursuit of a writing career has not yet been financially fruitful, I do not quit! I have hope! Trees are signs of God’s authorship of life itself. The Bible begins and ends with trees, symbols of strength, faithfulness, energy, and a reminder to be thankful. If God has lead us to, he will lead us through. After years of whispers of write, write, write, I’m finally in full pursuit of following this call. Faith is the way of this path, and to honour him, leading others to him by the work.

Another message from the email was solid grounding. The cross is the ultimate tree, a symbol to keep the heart, mind, and soul focused on the one. Jesus can lead us to miraculous places not yet seen if doubt is let go. “For we live by faith, not by sight.” (2 Cor. 5:7).

Also, through faith, expect blessings. By way of gratefulness, believe Christ to deliver. He wants his faithful to prosper and live abundantly. He gives light through dark valleys. He is the source of life and truth and promised to bring us home with him someday. Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit is with us, the Comforter, in these days of trial and error.

God gave me a view shortly after midnight, providing a tree for me to see. He knows my human heart, tempted to self doubt. I fall down and cry over burdens and pressures from my choices. I can’t see what’s ahead. It’s hard and doubt creeps into my mind. I keep writing the words, believing I will reach victory in this new career advance. Every day, I wake up, offer the day to God, read His Word, and work toward goals of providing for my family, with what I believe is a purpose to be fulfilled.

With strong conviction, I recently downsized to a storage bin, packed up the remainder, and headed east to my hometown to write. There are far less daily distractions here. The time is now to fight for the dream with all my might. For 30 plus years I have given a part time glance and similar effort to this calling. My family, with 6 children, were first. But the little voice didn’t stop whispering to me, pulling at my conscience.

So I’m here in this quiet haven, a writer’s nook, giving it my all. I’m trusting the Lord will show me which doors to open, and the ones to avoid. If there’s ever been a time that I must walk fully by faith, with action, it’s now. The midnight tree reminds me. He is here, he is near. Carry on, and have faith in the Lord. Be blessed by the nudge of the tree, a sign of his strength, light, and  authorship of life. Amen.

Jennie Simon