The Pandemic Stillness

By Dr. Lawanda Mobbs
woman alone

And it happened…everything began to spiral out of control.  One moment life seemed normal. The next moment life felt like turbulence.  The world was drifting into shaky territory.  What use to be – will no longer be. The norm was drifting away.  Time became the essence.  And the wind was blowing stillness.  Everything was shifting back and forth, in and out – up and down.  There was no place to run or hide.  The force of nature took control. 

Calmness floated away like the morning sunset. There were so many different events happening everywhere in the world during the inevitable of life – the pandemic. Pushing and pressing against the normal way of living. Dragging us out of our comfort zones. From control environments to an unknown future of reality. Rather we were on the top of life or at the bottom in the struggle, we were all being pulled into one new way of living – stillness. The fear of losing control creeps in with prevalence over the entire world. The  pandemic arrived and traveled everywhere. It did not have a specific destination or path. The widespread was like waves in the ocean bringing everyone deeper into the midst of unknown tangible and intangible futuristic situations.  


Going deeper. The force of reality.  Things were changing. People were changing.  Life was changing. It will never be the same.  But the stillness was becoming stronger while the norm was becoming weaker.  The economy brought hardship after hardship. We were forced to live within our means.  The health crisis created fears of famines, sickness, death and disease. Families were forced to be home-bound behind closed doors.  Jobs became scarcity and socialization among colleagues was halted in a moment of stillness.  


The shifting of life brings with it a new reality. Accepting what was and making room for what will be.  A realistic check of self-discovery. Shifting from the overwhelming feelings of life, to the current experiences with-in life.  We can call it the calm within the storm, or we can call it the wind that blows within the silence – stillness. No matter what is happening on the outside – a deeper state of connection flows through stillness within us all.  We  feel it without seeing it – the stillness of peace and joy. A safe place, where healing begins internally. Becoming aware, conscious, and living within the now of life. From knowing what will happen to a mindset of “letting go.”

In today’s world we have been tailored to things we can touch and see.  But with the inevitable of life the intangible becomes more valuable in substance then the tangible.  Circumstances are being rejuvenated, mind-sets are being restored, and lives are being transformed. The newness of life – stillness.   We have been delivered from no time to having more time to love and be loved unselfishly.  A time of silence and meditation birthing infinite possibilities. A new beginning of living a beautiful life from within the presence of stillness. Stillness is therapeutic and brings contentment for life.


The birth of the five new norms. Peace – Joy – Contentment – Rest and Self-Care. They all arrived at our doorstep unannounced during the pandemic.  Each came in forcefully and settled down in stillness. True stillness in understanding oneself through the eyes of the Creator – God. God utilizes stillness to get our attention. To detour us back on the right track of life. During a pandemic the normality of life change but God never change. He is a patient and helpful Father.   In the midst of a pandemic-stillness we must learn to trust in God. God’s miraculous nature of provision is complete during any season of life; rather drought or harvest, suffering or blessings. God uses stillness as a divine tool to heal our mind, body, and spirit. He has granted us a beautiful return on life – stillness.

“Be still and know that I am God” – Psalm  47:10 (NIV).


Dr. Lawanda Mobbs is the National Published Author of the Amazon seller “Differently Beautiful.” She helps people everyday find their healing in life through becoming set free and living each day with joy and mindful healing. She is the Women’s Pastor of Victory of Praise Church and Nonprofit Literacy Entrepreneur for children with Autism. She resides in Texas with her husband and two daughters.