The Truth About Men…

By Christian Womanmag
Women after God’s own heart, do you know that every decision you make in your life will represent a broad stroke of color on the blank canvas of you. What kind of image are you creating? Be mindful that your self-portrait will be hung for all the world to see. Single women after God’s own heart, as you date, remember that the image you create of yourself will determine who you will become in the eyes of the men you share your time with. But before you can wisely navigate through your relationships, you should first understand a few things concerning the truth about men.
Man was created to conqueror and because of this innate quality, he will always be driven by the pursuit. In fact, some men enjoy the chase even more than the catch! Men, by nature, have little respect for what they perceive to be easy prey because it does not present a true challenge for them and keep in mind that a lack of respect is a root cause for abuse in many relationships. God has made man to be warriors and they are uniquely built to withstand all that comes along with the battles of life.  However, as strong as man is, he remains vulnerable to someone who is physically weaker than himself – that someone is you. Because of man’s nature, many have succumb to the wiles of women who have chosen to use their influence over them to weaken and destroy, rather than to strengthen and support. Be aware of the power you have over man. This knowledge can be empowering to you both, if you choose to use it wisely.
A man NEEDS to be the man God has created him to be. Since the beginning of time, God has instructed man to tend, guard and care for all that was on the earth. It is only natural that he will have that very same desire to do the same for the woman he loves, so please let him. Scripture tells us that after God formed man, He fashioned woman and presented her to him as one of God’s most precious gifts. Allow him to see you as the gift you were fashioned to be.
It is a fact that man and woman were specifically made to complete the other. Man will forever be an essential part of a woman’s life therefore, it only makes sense that we should take the time to understand him first, before we learn to love him. And if you want to learn the truth about men, it only makes sense that we should take the time to love God first, before we can truly understand man. There is much more to learn about the men in our lives and I have only scratched the surface, however, it will serve you well to remember that before you can have a lasting, loving relationship with man, it is imperative that you first have a lasting, loving relationship with God.
Woman after God’s own heart, if you take heed of these words, one day you will be able to present to the man of your dreams one of God’s most precious gifts to man… you.
By R’chelle Cyrus-Hughes, Author | Website
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