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Things we miss when we worry…

By Samantha Nelson

Women worry, it’s a fact, as a woman you know that you worry about multiple things. Looking after the children, having dinner ready for your husband, do you look good in that dress?, Is she prettier than you…? I could literally go on forever because there are so many things that make you worry. As women I think we are incline to worry a little bit more than men. How do we manage to get anything done, right?

When we live in a state of worry we lose out on the promises of God, we miss things and we end up an anxious mess, it’s almost like it is contagious, once you start worrying about one thing you end up worrying about everything. As a child of God you are promised so much more than that. Jesus died so that you could live life to the fullest, that means being certain of things but sometimes understanding that you as a woman cannot control everything. Sometimes you have to give over control to God and watch what He does.

Cast your burdens upon Jesus and don’t miss out on these things that God has blessed you with:

1)    The Beauty of Today
 – The Bible says, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. When you are too busy worrying about the future your mind is there and you miss the beauty of the moment – Live in today! (Matthew 6:34)

2)    The Holy Spirits prompting – 
We are supposed to be led by the spirit, it’s our inheritance as son and daughters of God. He was sent as the great counselor when we are not paying attention we will miss the things he is guiding us to do. (Romans 8:14)

3)    Peace
 – When we are worrying we are not being faith filled, when Jesus left to be seated in heaven He told us that He was leaving His peace with us here, for us to have. When we are not praying about issues and submitting them to God this means He cannot fill us with His Peace that surpasses all understanding, a peace that no matter what is happening on the outside our hearts are still and full of Joy. (John 14:27)

4)    We are less thankful – 
when you are constantly worrying you take the little things for granted like being safe, having food on the table, being blessed with a job etc… You find it difficult to be grateful for the little things or even the big things because you are too busy worrying about other issues. The Bible tells us to pray about everything and in every situation GIVE THANKS.

5)    Gods is Sovereign – 
If you are worrying you are missing who God really is, what He is capable of and what He promises us. He is all powerful and nothing is too big for Him, we need to start telling our problems how big our God is, not our God how big our problems are! (2 Corinthians 13:4)

By Samantha Nelson
Thankful that God doesn’t call people that are qualified but he qualifies the called. He blessed me with the ability to get things down on paper better than I can communicate them in any other way. Originally from the Lake District UK and married to Demichael who is from Cincinnati OH. Currently working on my first book release. Visit me at