UPDATE: Bethel’s Beni Johnson dies at 67 after cancer battle

By CW Staff
bill and beni johnson

Beni Johnson, the Bethel senior pastor and wife of Bill Johnson, has passed away overnight after her battle with cancer.

Her death comes just as the church reported that she needed a miracle after the decision was made to end her chemotherapy and bring her home and into hospice care.

Beni, who had been contending with cancer since 2018, was the senior pastor of Bethel Church, a church with a strong focus on both revival and the supernatural. Beni, who also oversaw the church’s intercessors and Prayer House, was facing breathing and sleeping issues in the church’s last update in February.

In an Instagram post, her husband, Bill, shared the simple message, “Healthy and free.” Former Hillsong pastor Bobbie Houston was one of the first to post, stating, “We are so sorry. Deepest love from Brian and myself and family.”

bill johnson

Beni has a call to intercession that is an integral part of the Bethel Church mission. She was pivotal in the development of Bethel’s Prayer House, as well as, the Intercession Team. According to her bio on the church’s website, she carried a call “to see the church become healthy and whole in their bodies, souls, and spirits. Her heart was to see the people of God live lives that are healthy and free, and see them pave the way to bringing health back to the world as God intended. Her passion for people, health, and intercession have all helped to bring the much-needed breakthrough in Bethel’s ministry. Beni’s vision was to see the people of God live lives filled with joyful prayer and complete wellness.”

Her bio also stated that, “After realizing she needed to get well for the long haul, Beni got serious about health and fitness. Beni’s passionate about wholeness-in body, soul and spirit. An avid weightlifter, Beni started her blog, Grandmas With Muscles, with a desire to see people become well. She aims to inspire others, especially believers, to take care of themselves and the temple of the Holy Spirit. Beni believes it’s time to see Christians thrive for themselves, their families, and the world!

The church only yesterday announced that it was hosting five nights of prayer for Beni’s miraculous recovery. She died just 67 years-old.