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What a difference a word can make…

By Christian Womanmag

The impact can be varied.


It can cause a smile, a frown or maybe irritation.


When I hear a word that touches my emotions I can find myself reacting in a way that surprises even me at times.


For some years the word that has for me caused a reaction:




The sound of this word can causes in me a need to be explained, clarify or maybe it is justification?


Is it the word itself?


On deeper reflection I have come to the conclusion that it is more the way this word can be used, the force behind it accompanied with the judgment of others.


This highlighted with questions/statements such as:

Are you a working Mum or a Stay at home mum?

With all your children now of school age when will you return to work?


These questions imply that what I do, is not work, which any mum whether paid outside the home or not, would know not to be true.


Truth or not, this scenario often causes me to question my worth and value in my role and as a person, increased when I experience the disvaluing of my opinion


Why challenged by this now?

With some recent sweeping changes to my family circumstances I have been wrestling with the concept of “home.” Is it a place? A feeling? Or is it the presence of those you love?


Changes began when my husband received a blessing in the form of a new job, in fact a perfect job, one that moved us closer to family, while also further from family.


But as Homemaker, this means I am without a place of work.


After all, how can one be a homemaker without a home?


Eventually this will change. Over time we will once again be residing in our own home where I will be homemaker.


But in the season of ‘in between’ how do I cope?


I believe that homemaking is more than the everyday tasks of washing, cleaning, ironing and cooking. To be honest I view this position as more of a Managerial role. While the everyday tasks of running a family home are necessary and very helpful to a smooth operation, it is more than this.


The making of a home is done through the building and establishing of an atmosphere, developing a space where others feel welcome and glad to be a part of.


Even with living in a variety of homes in my role of homemaker I have often received comments such as; “You have the talent of making any house you live in feel like home”
This is being a homemaker.


As old fashioned as this term may sound or as apt as the title is, I remind myself of the greater depths and impact that a successful homemaker can have.


One day I will again have my own permanent home to perform my role, where I will no longer be separated from the things that I use to embrace this role.


One day I will have the opportunity to add my touches, decorating and creating a haven from all that life throws at my family… one day.


But for now I will learn to rest in the provision and privilege given to me to build within my temporary situation, learning to make the best of what at present can feel uncomfortable.


I will be thankful.


Thankful for what this temporary situation has taught me, as I remind myself to value not only what I am investing into others but how God is using me to become more like him as I use the skills he has blessed me with to provide the haven for the loved ones he has put in my life.


Home, it truly is where the heart it!


Oh and a place where I display all the things that are me!


By Deb Lodder | Author | Website
With a background in radio, Deb has also been married for many years. A mum of four children, her God-given skill of writing has been fueled by her strong passion to see others released from unnecessary pain. Her book “My Hidden Confidence” is a gripping read that shares how to model and experience the amazing Grace of our God. To find out more, purchase her book or participate in one of the many everyday lessons Deb has learnt, log on to or email Deb direct on