When Disneyland closes, you know the coronavirus is serious

By Bridgett Banks

What is going to be left? The NBA season is gone, so is golf’s PGA, Restaurants and others are closing. But worst off all, the greatest entertainment place in history, Disneyland, has announced it too is closing its doors until further notice.

After the World Health Organization labeled the virus a ‘pandemic’, everything changed. The world is slowly grinding to a halt and it seems we will all be homebound. Who knows? Maybe sales of Monopoly will go up. One thing is certain and that is that Netflix will be doing a roaring trade.

Disneyland is a place of ultimate optimism. I remember being at the Anaheim version a couple of years ago. Inside the walls was lovely music playing and the atmosphere that only Disneyland can offer. I hopped on a ferris wheel with my kids and as we reached the top, I could look out to the freeway in the distance. There were sirens blaring and thousands of cars buzzing, and suddenly, I remembered that Disneyland is just a fantasy.

If Disneyland is closed, then we know this is serious. The World Health Organization is not joking!

Days at Disneyland are a fairytale for children, while for us adults, they allow us to escape the reality of our lives and their myriad of responsibilities – if only just for a day.

So with Disneyland closed, along with most other outlets, including churches, this might just be a chance for people to move their faith in the economy, sport and entertainment towards God. Literally overnight, all the things we had hope in have let us down and have disappeared from our worlds.

One thing for certain, and that is that the world has overnight realized that all the things it puts its faith and hope in could be gone in an instant. Faith and hope in God is the only thing we can have faith and hope in.