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When looking for the light…

By Christian Womanmag

Life in today’s society is harder than it has ever been. Now in my late twenties I find it very hard to find the path that God has for me. As many young people today all ask that same question. What should I do with my life? I think that is the hardest question in life. What were we put on this earth for?


Many of us are still searching for that answer and at any age we find ourselves scratching our heads, trying to figure it out. As a young child I learned at an early age that praying was the best way to connect with God but also gave me someone to talk to when feeling alone.


Praying was what I always tried to make time for. In many ways it helped me to talk with God about all my problems. Sometimes I always wonder if God would get tired of hearing my everyday struggles. I learned that God loves me and he wants to hear what I have to say. So I pray every day for God to lead and guide my path. Having faith and reading my bible is my way to help find that light that I am searching for. (Jeremiah 29:11), has been the verse that helps me to get through the tough days. Knowing that God has prepared a plan and a purpose for my life is very encouraging.


Waiting on that plan is where I struggle as a human being. No one wants to wait for things to happen; everything has to be fast and right now. That is not always the answer I find to be true. Waiting on his perfect timing is what teaches me to keep the faith. I know that I will find my light. I have faith that it is going to start shining bright soon. So I pray boldly and loud that big things are coming my way. When I am down about the way my life is going, I always have a shoulder to lean on and that is God.


So with so many questions in our lives I know that God is always listening to me and wants to be my friend in the good and bad times. This year has made me see the big picture of my life I may not know what my next step is but with my family and God are there for me. I truly I am blessed to have great people in my life.


God thank you for loving me today. And every day as I grow and learn in the world today.


By Lindsay Breland | Freelance writer