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While in prison…

By Christian Womanmag

The walls of a hospital room can begin to feel as if they are very slowly closing in on you day by day.  The same can be said about the walls of your very own home when you rarely have the opportunity to leave them.  I have felt as if being a caregiver was a sentence and that I was trapped in a prison of fear and pain with no hope of escape.  These are very real emotions which caregivers experience on a daily basis.  The problem for many of us is that the enemy tricks us into believing we should feel guilty and that we are terrible for feeling this way.  We become prisoners of not only our locations but our own minds because we allow the enemy to manipulate how we feel about ourselves.  The enemy tells us that if we were Christians and really loved the one we care for we wouldn’t have these feelings.  Those are ALL lies!

In Genesis chapter 39 we find Joseph being faithful to his master yet he finds himself in prison confined with no hope of escape.  But the scripture tells us that “the Lord was with him; showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden.”  God loves all His children the same, so if He would do this for Joseph why do we allow the enemy to trick us into thinking He won’t do it for us?  It shows me that no matter what prison life has thrown me into, it is only for a season and that MY GOD is so big and so powerful that even while I am in prison He can bless me and shine His favor on all I do!

A great yet simple example of this was during one of the many weeks I was with my husband in the hospital while he was being treated for congestive cardiomyopathy, or unexplained heart failure.  I call it my encounter with a food services angel.  I had not left my husband’s side for about three days at the point at which this story began.  This particular morning a woman entered the room to take my husband’s food order for the next few days.  As she offered the choices for each meal I could see her looking at me and she would smile.  Before leaving the room, she turned and asked me a question.  “You never leave him, do you, honey?”  I quickly responded, “No, mam and I never will.”  When lunch arrived two trays were placed on the small table at the end of Brian’s bed.  When I looked confused this same sweet woman only winked at me and said, “I guess I brought an extra plate by mistake.”  I sat and cried for I knew she purposely brought it for me.  The second tray continued four more days.  That was the favor of God while I sat in my prison.

Today I encourage you to identify your prison and ask God to show His amazing favor on you while you endure this season.  You will not be here forever but while you wait, I want you to experience all that God can do for you and through you while you are there.  It really can be amazing.

By Jessica Daly | Published author and founder of My Daly Outreach Ministries | Website