Who has God created you to be?

By Christian Womanmag

All things were cre­ated through Christ. John 1:3 That means you and me. We are fear­fully and won­der­fully made! Ps. 139:14

Some wear this PROUDLY on their chest, and right­fully so! But for some — maybe you — you don’t feel, or see this won­der­ful­ness in yourself.

Mat­ter of fact, you may cringe at who you see in the mir­ror every­day, and chuckle at the idea of being fear­fully made. You may be FEELING rem­nants of depres­sion…

You may not deem your­self or your capa­bil­i­ties more than aver­age, or you may tend to point out all your faults instead of your assets, tal­ents, and GIFTS God gave you.

Maybe you think you’re not SMART, attrac­tive, or coör­di­nated. You can’t do any­thing right. You are often a dis­ap­point­ment to peo­ple, and hold your­self in bondage to all the past mis­takes you’ve done.

You don’t feel good enough for God.You can’t see him for­giv­ing you of your sins, and there­fore are liv­ing ostra­cized from the abun­dant life of Jesus Christ. You look at the anoint­ing of oth­ers, and suc­cess­ful oper­at­ing min­istries, and see how BLESSED they are, how they get the limelight.

You think any efforts you make for God, are insignif­i­cant, and can­not make the same impact in the King­dom of God like theirs do. So why bother? You may try to BE like oth­ers because you can’t find your iden­tity in God, nor his pres­ence that resides within.

This is NOT a good place to be! You are won­der­ing around aim­lessly in the wilder­ness!

You may have held on to some names and crit­i­cisms of oth­ers spo­ken to you in the past, and believed them. I once was teach­ing a class of young socially mal­ad­justed chil­dren from 6 – 11 years old. When I com­ple­mented one young boy on a pic­ture he was col­or­ing, he REFUSED to believe me.

Even­tu­ally after try­ing to con­vince him of the beauty of his pic­ture, I asked him why he didn’t believe me, he told me it was because his fam­ily told him he was NO GOOD and CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT!

How DEVASTATING! I had to give him a lit­tle PEP talk on how that was not true, and to never believe those words again, no mat­ter who spoke it! And he said OK. I tear up every time I think of that boy, and hope he remem­bers our talk.

There may be pain that was planted in you from young, that still resides deep, deep, down today. Past and unthink­able trau­matic expe­ri­ences may have set the BAR on who you are all your life.

You tend to speak neg­a­tiv­ity more than you speak life. Espe­cially to some­thing being fruit­ful and pros­per­ous in your life, sim­ply because you have never seen it hap­pen before.

If any of these sce­nar­ios sound like you, GOD IS WAITING FOR YOU. He is wait­ing for you to change! To be trans­formed in your think­ing, to dis­cover who you are, and are meant to be, and to carry out his PERFECT will for your life. Romans 12:2

So how do you get there? How do you get to this place where God wants you to be, yet can’t get past how you feel and think about yourself?

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sin­ners; purify your hearts, for your loy­alty is divided between God and the world. James 4:8

Rela­tion­ship with God must be val­ued, and effort put in for it to grow. He wants to encour­age us, empower us, strengthen, guide, and give us the ETERNAL Hope, Faith, and LOVE that we are meant to live with. But we must draw close first!

Our thoughts can­not be in the mid­dle of our­selves and God. We must take the focus off of our­selves, and elim­i­nate all the neg­a­tive, demean­ing, inse­cure, and self loathing that we have, and onto his PERFECT GRACE. One of my favorite scriptures:

He heals the bro­ken­hearted and binds up their wounds. Psalms 147:3

Day in, and day out, until every­day by default, we face God and look to him for what we need. The WORD of God will ele­vate our faith Rom. 10:17, prayer will change things, and when we STRIVE for a pure HEART, we will see the BEAUTY of God in every­thing — even our­selves! Matthew 5:8

God has a dwelling place for us, that will keep us safe and pro­tected. Psalms 91 We don’t have to con­tinue to think the way we have about our­selves, about what we look like, what we can do, and because of what hap­pened in our past.

We can revel on what God’s WORD says about us, even if we don’t yet believe it, or feel it.

We can speak it with our mouth, con­tin­u­ally CONFESSING his Good­ness and Lord­ship over our life, and stand strong in FAITH and HOPE that if God says he will do some­thing, he’ll do it!

The beau­ti­ful thing is that we’ll start to change…we will begin to trans­form like the WORD says we will. Oth­ers will see it, and we will see it too. It may take some time, but it will hap­pen if we stay com­mit­ted to the WORD, and under­stand that this is the EXISTENCE that we MUST live, and the inher­i­tance we have received from Jesus Christ.

Often prayers aren’t answered, deliv­er­ance does not take place, and things come to a halt in our lives because God is wait­ing for us to change our think­ing!

To think bet­ter about our­selves than we have been think­ing, speak­ing, and behav­ing. To think bet­ter about who we are in him, and to LIVE like it!

We are meant to grow more and more like Jesus. Even from a young boy, JESUS very much knew who he was in God, and what he was meant to do. Luke 2:49 This is what God wants for us as well!

Whether we deem our­selves wor­thy or not, God is wait­ing for us to trans­form into the Royal Priest and Priest­ess that we are — in Spirit and in Truth. We are meant to shine, and to make a POWERFUL mark in this world, but first, we need to know who God cre­ated us to be.


By Sandra Turton | Founder, Min­istry Leader, and Blog­ger of San­dra Tur­ton Ministries

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